Hypernormalization S1E1

We begin our story with two cities in the 1975 – New York and Damascus. A new idea of how to run society had taken hold of those in power, forever changing the world.

Hypernormalization S1E2

The original dream of the Soviet Union was to create a new kind of utopia. A world where the system would be transformed, while in the process transforming the people themselves . They would, in a sense, become a new and improved kind of human bring. And they dubbed this the products of this transformation the “New Soviet Man”.

Hypernormalization S1E3

By the middle of the 1980s, the banks were rising up and becoming ever more powerful in America. 10 years before in New York, the idea that the financial system could run society began to spread, but unlike older systems, it was mostly invisible. A writer called William Gibson tried to dramatize what was happening in a powerful, imaginative way by writing a series of novels.

Hypernormalization S1E4

Hackers exploit the early internet in order to prove a point, while the Americans sought to create a new villain in order to avoid the complicated nature of middle eastern politics.

Hypernormalization S1E6

Flaws In The System and An Anxious Collective https://hypernormalization.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Hypernormalisation%20Part%206%20Audio%20Fix.mp4